We provide two kinds of acoustic ceiling and wall products from Knauf Ceiling Solutions. You can find the details below.


KNAUF HERADESIGN® Woodwool from Austria
Application: Ceiling and Wall

Wood, Water and Magnesite are the principal components of HERADESIGN® acoustic panels. This combination of materials is absolutely safe in terms of building biology since 1908. The magnesite-bonded wood wool panels from HERADESIGN® are natural products and meet today’s sustainability trends. The magnesite-bonded (instead of cement or glue) makes us different from others and is key component make HERADESIGN® achieve plenty of green certificates.

Production video:
Knauf Heradesign YouTube Video

Why you choose HERADESIGN®?

The demand for comfortable environments is higher than ever before. This is the real challenge for architects and owners. It is our responsibility to provide solutions that enable to fulfil this challenge. HERADESIGN® has been dealing with the complexities of acoustics for decades. Acoustics is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being and mood of people – even if they are not aware of it.

HERADESIGN® benefits:

KNAUF THERMATEX Mineral Fiber from Germany
Application: Ceiling

Mineral Fiber is the only material itself can contribute both NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) which provides both speech intelligibility and privacy.

THERMATEX benefits:


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